The History

The Donamorte project (Italy) came into being in 2011 from an idea by Armand Donamorte, (vocalist) along with the brilliant collaboration of Garmo on programming and Kaos K on guitars.

Our sound is an explosive mix of Gothic, Industrial and Darkwave. We always endeavour to give our best during the drafting of our songs,the latter being the “ideal way” for our thoughts and emotions to be made known.

We have been together for about a year and have received several attestations of esteem from performing live and contests in which we participated (Darkitalia Contest to name but one).

We were chosen by a renowned German Gothic magazine to be part of a compilation cd in issue 54 with the song Can you feel it. Moreover, we are also present on the latest compilation of Darkitalia with the song Charade. Up until now we have published our EP “Donamorte” with the netlabel GildRome from which we obtained notable public success (Jango Radio) and excellent reviews in Italy and from abroad.

The lyrics of our songs talk about life and death, love and folly and pain and frustration. All our effort and will are now focused towards recording the first album which we hope will increase the public listenership and above all, allow us to show the best of ourselves. In the last year, we had a good success with new songs like “Louise”, “Wake me” and “Armand”. We are recording new songs with the friendly collaboration of Luca Liotti and Gianni di Bella (alias Ssive).


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Song by Donamorte 2012 - written by Armando Ammerata.

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SDonamorte ★ Can't You Feel It [HQ]

Artist: Donamorte ● Title: Can't You Feel It ● Album: Gemini (2013)

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Donamorte - Armand

Official Donamorte Video-Armand. Author and Music arrangement by L. Liotti.

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Donamorte Video Louise

Official Donamorte Video - Louise.Author and Music arrangement by L. Liotti.

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Donamorte - Wake me

Official Donamorte Video - Wake Me.Music arrangement by L.Liotti.

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Donamorte - In to the deep

Mixed L.Liotti, Music arrangement Garmo.

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Single and all music albums we released between 2012 and 2022!